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Gong Stands (Steel)

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• Made of reinforced steel.
• Completely removable and transportable. 
• Double adjustment to avoid unwanted movements.
• They do not sound when playing the Gong.
• Suitable for Gongs from 60 to 95cm. (up to 120cm on request) 
• Soft rubber wheels with brakes, which block the advance and lateral rotation of the wheels. 
• Neat finishing in welds and joints. 
• Special adjustment knobs for joints.
• Support of the highest quality and resistance in the national and international market.
• Provides a firm and solid base for any gong weight. 
• Warranty on all parts for 6 months.
• 100% Argentine manufacturing by Sattva Instruments. 
• All Sattva Stands Include a briefcase type case  Gift.


Gong decks 

- Solid aluminum body. 

- For Gongs from 60 to 110cm. 

- Rope for  comfortable  subjection 

-  Termination  neat and excellent finish in paint and parts.
- All Sattva Gongs include a free deck.


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Flumies for Gong

Flumies are accessories that are used to sound the Gong by means of  friction, they produce sounds very similar to the song of whales. 


- Wooden body, rubber head.

- Glow in the dark for easy location

- Available diameters: 2 -  2.5 -  3 -  3.5 -  4cm 

- Available only in kit of 5

- Compatible with any type or brand of Gong.

- They include a case. 


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