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Los cuencos tibetanos son una poderosa herramienta para terapias vibracionales, una enorme fuente de sonidos y armónicos. Al ser golpeados o frotados, producen un sonido fundamental del cual se desprenden otros sonidos más agudos, que guardan una relación armónica entre si. Este sonido se puede prolongar durante mucho tiempo frotando el cuenco con la baqueta, que puede ser de cuero, madera o goma.

La vibración producida por los cuencos tibetanos tiene la particularidad de introducirse en el cuerpo, viajar por los huesos e irradiarse por todos los órganos y tejidos. Son creados para alinear la energía de quien lo usa y/o recibe su vibración. Su función armonizadora sincroniza la vibración de los cuerpos material, mental y emocional, con la frecuencia del sonido del cuenco. Es por eso que nuestros cuencos están siempre afinados en frecuencias vibracionales graves, que ayuden a descender nuestro acelerado ritmo de vida. 

Te brindamos en cada instrumento una puerta que lleve al encuentro con tu ser esencial, creando con sus sonidos y vibraciones, estados de relajación y conexión profunda. Los Cuencos Sattva están hechos artesanalmente con mucha dedicación y amor por nuestro trabajo.


  •  Inducen a una relajación profunda.

  •  Armonización corporal y suave masaje celular. 

  •  Reduce los niveles de cortisol y adrenalina (hormonas del estres) en el cuerpo.

  •  Alivio del estrés y la ansiedad. 

  • Reduce la actividad del sistema nervioso simpatico e incrementa la actividad del sistema parasimpatico

       (Sistema de reparación y homeostasis). 

  •  Mejoran de la creatividad. 

  •  Mejoran de la concentración.

  •  Equilibra los hemisferios cerebrales. 

  •  Alivio de dolores óseos, articulares y musculares.

Tibetan bowls are a powerful tool for vibrational therapy, a huge source of sounds and harmonics. When struck or rubbed, they produce a fundamental sound from which other higher pitched sounds are released, which are harmoniously related to each other. This sound can be prolonged for a long time by rubbing the bowl with the drumstick, which can be made of leather, wood or rubber.

The vibration produced by the Tibetan bowls has the peculiarity of entering the body, traveling through the bones and radiating through all organs and tissues. They are created to align the energy of those who use it and / or receive its vibration. Its harmonizing function synchronizes the vibration of the material, mental and emotional bodies with the frequency of the sound of the bowl. That is why our bowls are always tuned to low vibrational frequencies, which help slow down our fast pace of life. 

We offer you in each instrument a door that leads to the encounter with your essential being, creating with its sounds and vibrations, states of relaxation and deep connection. Sattva Bowls are handcrafted with great dedication and love for our work, at the same quality level as all our instruments.


  •   Achievement of deep relaxation.

  •   Body harmonization and gentle cellular massage.  

  •   Reduces the levels of cortisol and adrenaline (hormones. 

  • stress) on the body.

  •   Relief from stress and anxiety. 

  • Reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (system

    stress) and increases the activity of the parasympathetic system

     (System of repair and homeostasis).  

  •   Improved creativity.  

  •   Improved concentration.

  •   Balances the cerebral hemispheres.  

  •   Relief of bone, joint and muscle pain.


The bowls differ in two basic and elementary aspects: Frequency and size. There is an inverse relationship between these two aspects. The larger the bowl, the lower its vibrational frequency or pitch. The smaller the bowl, the higher its frequency. The human ear is capable of perceiving sounds from 20 to 20000hz. However, the appropriate frequency range for the body is between 16 and 300hz. Unlike other instruments, Tibetan bowls are not classified or tuned in musical notes, but rather in frequency ranges. The appropriate choice of a bowl depends on the search of each person. There is no one frequency that is better than another, only more appropriate for one job or another. If the bowl is used for sound massages, it is ideal that its frequency is as low as possible. If the bowl is used for meditation or exercises for balancing the cerebral hemispheres, somewhat higher frequencies can be chosen.  

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Obtén gratis un curso de introducción a los Cuencos Tibetanos, con la compra de cualquiera de nuestros cuencos.


There are many myths around Tibetan bowls, some are the result of the mixture of marketing with oriental philosophy. One of these myths indicates that "the best bowl" must be made up of 7 or 9 metals. In our studies and years of experience in the manufacture of various instruments for vibrational therapy, we have proven  that there is no use whatsoever to the sum of the different elements proposed by the myth. 

The Sattva bowls are constituted, like the best Nepalese bowls,   basically by Copper, Tin or Zinc. These elements are combined in the right proportion to give the bowl the perfect balance between hardness, toughness, elasticity, and tension. Indispensable characteristics so that they can generate a sound that resonates for a long time, with an appropriate volume and that generates deep vibrations. 

The other metals that the myth indicates are not useful for sound work, do not provide desired characteristics, are excessively and unnecessarily expensive such as gold or silver, and can even be toxic to the user (lead or mercury). This theme is quite clear when seeing that the 7-metal bowls appeared after 1900, when tourists began to ask oriental artisans for this type of bowls, based on a belief born in the West. Tibetan Bowls have been made for more than 4000 years and true studies reveal that copper, zinc and tin have always been used as their basic composition.

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