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de Introducción

Si estás buscando empezar en el mundo de los sonidos terapéuticos, comienza por aquí. Recibirás toda la información fundamental para iniciarte en este mundo. 

Dictated by Maria and Juan de "Vishuda", recommended by Sattva Instruments

Sound Massage Course - Learning to Heal

Curso Masaje Sonoro

"Learning to Heal" is a comprehensive course to perform sound massages. It is a four-month proposal designed with the aim of generating “dreamers” in the dynamics of work towards others using the Tibetan Bowls as an instrument to reconnect with what we are: harmonic beings.


It has been shown that the Tibetan Bowls and their vibrations lead us to harmony and therefore: to well being. That is why we believe and know that including the potential of the Bowls  Within a body therapy it is highly beneficial and for this it is necessary not only to be able to make them sound, but also to understand their healing dimension and the strategies for their use on the human totality.

Tuning forks and Sonopuncture

Curso Diapasones

The work with specific frequencies through the use of Tuning Forks, together with the appropriate location of the areas and points allow an effective treatment technique for the restoration of harmony and well-being, collaborating with Health and quality of Life. This VISHUDA proposal is intended for those who want to learn to govern the technique of using the tuning forks, start their practice  and develop skills for harmonious work with these instruments. 

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