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Planetary Gongs

Gongs Planetarios

The Gong belongs to the oldest and most important instruments of Southeast Asia. It has been used throughout the centuries by various civilizations for ceremonial, therapeutic and musical purposes.

It produces a fundamental sound from which a universe of harmonics and overtones emerges capable of infinitely expanding the senses and the mind of the listener. Its deep and long vibrations penetrate the body and harmonize its delicate frequencies with the biological rhythm of the universe.  It is said that there is no mind that can resist the power of the sound of a Gong,  it is a powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness.  


The Gong is frequently used in sound therapies, for its power to free the mind and achieve a level of abstraction and deep relaxation in the patient. It has the power to recalibrate the physical body and  emotional.  Resynchronizing it in turn, with the body of the universe.


God is  in the details 

Sattva Gongs are made with the same level of dedication and awareness that characterize all of our instruments. Whose purpose is, not only to be an instrument for the expansion of consciousness, but also a work of art.  

They are totally handmade and hammer blow with the interaction of fire. Each blow generates a range of tensions in the metal, from which the harmonics and overtones that the Gong emits come. Thousands of strokes are delivered around each Gong to create its signature hypnotic explosion of sounds.

With each stroke, the instrument tuner seeks to accommodate the metal molecules and allow the metal to relax or tighten as needed.  The art of its manufacture is covered with a magical sense.

Sattva Gong 80cm

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