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Sattva drum

The  Sattva drum  is a resonant steel instrument, it was designed to allow free improvisation and meditative exploration of sounds. It is the ideal instrument for those who want to be closely related to music without having any kind of musical knowledge and not having to cross the theoretical barrier.  All the notes in the Sattva Drum are assonance. That is, there is no note that is out of tune with the others. Which makes playing with sounds much easier and requires no technique to create a beautiful melody with ease.  


It can be played in several ways: With the tips of the fingers, thumbs or drumsticks (Specials for Sattva Drum), even mixing all three at the same time. Most of the time, the Sattva Drum is placed on the player's legs, on a pad or a stand.
You will be able to listen and previously choose the combination of notes (Scale) that your Sattva Drum will carry. It is the most recommended, since many of the people choose the tuning with which they most identify or feel comfortable, it is as if they were listening to the instrument talk about themselves.

Developed and manufactured in "Sattva Instruments", made entirely by hand. Each Sattva Drum is unique, no two are alike in the world. They are made with exhaustive care and love for our work. Even the state of mind or humor of the person who makes it is reflected in each instrument. For this reason we do everything possible to work without pressure, in a calm environment and in a state of calm, so we can reflect peace and happiness in our instruments. 

We take small masses of metal and turn them into sacred instruments. We do not miss any detail in its manufacture. This is one of the reasons that make the birth of a new Sattva Drum take about a month of intense work.

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