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Sattva Pan

The Sattva Pan is the first sound sculpture made in Argentina.  Designed to be touched with the hands, lying on the lap, and interact with the spirit and emotions of the person who performs it.

It consists of 8 or 9 notes located at the top. A central note, this being the lowest, and 7 or 8 elliptical notes located around it. A fundamental tone and two harmonic overtones are released from each note. On the lower side there is a funnel-shaped hole that produces bass sounds similar to those of a Udu, and can be varied or regulated by covering the hole with your hands or legs when you touch it. By rubbing this neck with your fingertips, it produces a high pitched sound similar to that of a Tibetan bowl, in the same way as the top center note.

Our years of experience in the manufacture of various therapeutic metal musical instruments, have allowed us to achieve the best quality in this instrument, both in sound and finish. Achieving maximum resonance, volume, durability and tuning precision.

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